TGI…Thursday Night!

Top: c/o SheInside
Jeans: Charlotte Russe 9.00
Necklace: Rue 21 6.99
Shoes: Gift




So, it’s Thursday night. I like Thursday night A LOT. Around our house it’s pretty much a weekend night. We often eat out, we stay up too late, all in anticipation that Friday is the next day. Then, on Friday we often eat out and we also stay up too late because, Friday.
One time my husband and I decided we were only going to have dessert on weekend nights, but then after weighing out the weekend we realized that we really only consider three days of the week to be weekdays, meaning we actually ended up eating MORE dessert by committing to eat treats only on the weekend, you know, Thursday night-Sunday night. But when I think through our reasoning it makes sense because you have to have dessert on Thursday in celebration of Friday, dessert on Friday in celebration of Saturday, dessert on Saturday in celebration of Sunday, and dessert on Sunday in MOURNING of Monday. Then, you know, on Monday you pry gotta have dessert too, since, you know, MONDAY. So what I’m trying to say is my diet of not eating dessert on Tuesday and Wednesday is SOUND. In fact, I think my pants are a little loose.
(Jk. They’re not. They are tight. I need self discipline. I’m gross. But, I can’t think about that right now because THURSDAY TREAT NIGHT!)
Happy Weekend!


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