Seize the Day.

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As I mentioned in Saturday’s post, we spent our Saturday at the water park, and it was pretty cloudy which only aided in our enjoyment because the crowds were small and lines were short. Therefore, we rode the heck out of those slides until we couldn’t slide anymore.

But there was a harrowing moment I will now share with you where my fun was severely decreased as I decided it would be a good idea to naively climb the stairs to the yellow slide and ride down on a triple tube with my brother and husband, a couple of crazies who think the idea of using the tube to catapult themselves into outer space sounds fun. As a result, upon descending the now infamous yellow slide they proceeded to lean into every curve, and jump every hill until we lost control and the tube flew out from under us.

I will now break down for you a second-by-second analysis of what transpired: Sam’s head makes contact with slide. Sam ingests water slide water.  Sam proceeds to get kicked by the limbs of the flailing men (crazies) in front and behind her. Sam does somersaults. Lots of somersaults. More slide water in windpipe, more kicking crazies. Sam finally lands in the gentle waters at the end of the slide. Sam realizes her life has graciously been spared from it’s very watery grave.

I share this chilling tale with you on this Monday because I now look down the barrel of this new week with a fresh perspective. I have been given a second chance at LIFE, and I now know that we all shouldn’t wait until we almost lose our lives on a water slide before appreciating everyday. I mean, sure, I might have a concussion which makes my judgement a little questionable, but I still think today we should SEIZE THE DAY! Book that trip to Africa! Wear that bold striped dress! Get that hamburger and not the salad!

Or, go ahead and just sing the song from Newsies. You know you want to and heaven knows there’s nothing that makes a person feel more alive then musicals. And Christian Bale.


PS – See that cuuuute dress I am wearing? Well, it’s from Bella Ella Boutique, and we have a $50 giveaway to that very store happening TOMORROW. Check back. It’s gonna be good.

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