Red, White, and Blue.

Top: c/o Oasap
Skirt: Kohls
Shoes: ROSS
Arrow Bangle: c/o Tripp Boutique

I’ll admit it. Today I’m a little bit blue, and unfortunately it’s not the festive 4th of July kind, it’s the sad kind. You see, the 4th of July is my faaaavorite  holiday, but this year is the first year I can remember where I won’t be celebrating it the way I always have, with the people I always do, since now I live far, far away in the East. And, to add insult to injury, the weather around these parts for the last week has been rain on rain on rain with no end in sight for the next 10 days. TEN.
So yes, things are a little dreary around here. As a result, it is now up to me to be a big girl (which I HATE having to be) and make the most out of a far away and rainy 4th. Can I do it? I hope. My game plan thus far includes at least one hot dog, lots of ice cream, and perhaps some time in a dry movie theater drowning my sorrows in butter with a little popcorn.
And you know, the more I think about it, it’s fitting to have to summon a little moxie on the 4th of July and try to make the best out of things. Isn’t that what our fore-father’s would’ve wanted? Didn’t they envision a country where you could find happiness any way you wanted, such as drowning your sorrows in a trough of butter and popcorn and a diet coke big enough to take a bath in WHILE watching Brad Pitt fight zombies? I think they did. I think they did.
And so, tomorrow, I shall put on my red, white, and blue, I will pay $37 for movie theater food, and I will celebrate what makes this country great, being able to pay to eat your feelings in the dark. God bless the USA.
Hope you have a great 4th, too!

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