3 DIY Bangle Sets

I came across a bunch of wooden bangles on clearance at a local craft store awhile ago and snatched them up without knowing what the heck I was going to do with them. This tends to be typical of my DIY-ing behavior: Buy on impulse, throw in pile of craft crap, then hope to the craft fairies that it will resurface eventually and become something cute.
Well, thanks to some pinterest-ing, some brainstorming, and some wanting to steal other peoples bangles, I came up with three no sweat methods for dressing up plain wood bangles or updating some you already have. The craft fairies smile on me once again. Check it out:
1. Stain + Paint.
What you need: Stain pen, craft paint, mod podge or clear sealant.
What you do: Draw on your design with the stain pen and let dry. Then, paint the interior of the bracelet to help cover any marks on the inside made from the stain. Lastly, add shine by either painting on a layer of mod podge or spraying a clear sealant over those bad boys.
Verdict: These were so easy to whip up and I love how the wood sucks up the stain and leaves the texture of the grains. I plan to tell people I got them whilst on safari in Africa. Cute as heck.
2. Painted Lace.

What you need: Lace (I cut mine out of a pair of tights that I never wear), craft paint, glue gun.

What you do: First, paint the lace with craft glue and let dry. (I liked painting the lace because A. The color before was ugly, and, B. It took the sheen out of the lace and gave it more texture.) While the paint on the lace is drying, paint the bangles whatever color you would like to show through the lace (I painted mine white). Lastly, use the hot glue gun to attach the lace to the bangles, stretching it tightly as you go.

Verdict: These suckers are so cute and you probably have most of the supplies lying around your house. So pretty and the colors make me want sherbet. Success.

3. Washi Tape. 


What you need: Washi tape
What you do: Wrap the bracelets in washi tape.
Verdict: The directions for this one were 6 words long, OF COURSE I loved it.
Yep. That’s one pretty bangin’ DIY if you ask me!
(I know. You didn’t ask. Probably because you knew I was dying to slip bangin’ in somewhere. I don’t blame you.)
Have a great day!

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