To the Daddios…

Shirt: co/SheInside
Pants: Old Navy $19
Sandals: Target $12
Bracelets: Rue21 $8




I know that Father’s Day was yesterday, and your social medias were very likely inundated with tributes to fathers/fathers-in-law/future fathers/baby daddy’s/etc,.and, as a result, you are probably very glad it is now the day after Father’s Day, and I sort of am too. Except, today all I want to do is complain about it being Monday or about W going home to the other side of the country, and Father’s Day seems to be a good distraction from doing that. So gag if you must, I cannot blame you, but I shall now give a shout out to our dad, who just so happened to have taken these very outfit photos! What a guy! That one is an incredibly hard worker, a hard rocker, a crazy runner, a bookworm and a knowledge hoarder, a devoted husband, and a man of big faith. I am so much like him, in good and bad and I couldn’t be prouder of that fact. I am so happy he is mine.
Dad, you rock.
And happy late Father’s Day to all you Daddios out there! This world is so good because of you.
xo, S
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