Prettier Days

Blouse: co/L.Mae Boutique
Jeans: Rue21 $15
Wedges: Target $18
Necklace: Kohls $5

If you follow W on Instagram, then you heard about the flu epidemic that has hit nearly every member of our family, including me. And although I am feeling much better today, my brain is still not 100% on the clever blog-writing front, so I am not even going to try to go there. Plus, if you saw what I looked like today or yesterday, you would really doubt my skills and opinions in the fashion/beauty department.

So, let us reminisce to prettier days, like Monday, when I wore this adorbs striped blouse from L.Mae Boutique, one of our new favorites, who may or may not be doing an awesome giveaway here in a couple weeks… watch for it!

Have a great day!
xo, S

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