Three Easy DIY Summer Totes!

I love a good summer tote! And, even more than that I love having a couple of good summer totes packed and ready with whatever we need for the park/pool/etc. since I will often spend the WHOLE live-long day searching for the sunscreen or the good pool towel, and having the sunscreen all set already in the pool tote helps my brain. However, what I didn’t want to do was spend a lot on a fun summer tote so I turned to Pinterest, the beloved treasure trove, to find some DIY options. There, I found three different methods for tote decorating that I decided to try out with much success. These easy summer tote bags were an absolute piece of cake to make, the cost for each was around $3-$5, and I did them all in one day without feeling stressed about it. LOVE. You’re totes gonna have a blast making these . (You knew it was coming.)
1. Iron-on Map Tote

This method was inspired by this pin which isn’t a DIY so I will tell you what I did. I found the map. I printed. I ironed. (If you have further questions regarding the use of iron-on transfer paper, check out S’s bomb tutorial here, she is the queen.) I looooove how this one turned out and the whole thing literally took me around 3 minutes. (I also printed off an extra map and ironed on to the handles.)

2. Ombre Dip-Dyed Tote with Belt Handles

This bag was inspired by this pin. Until now, I had never dyed with Rit before and was scared, but the tutorial from the pin helped a lot and I love the heck out of this tote and it’s little belt handles. Also, I now want to dye anything that is white in my house, so if you are coming over anytime soon, don’t wear that color or I will surely dunk you, probably in yellow.

3. Hand-Painted Heart Tote:

This one was inspired by this pin from Say Yes to Hoboken. Her tutorial is so good and you should def follow it, since, all I did was draw my heart on with a pencil, paint it in, then paint the handles.I looove putting hearts on stuff.

And, there you have it! They turned out totes adorbs, right? (I only said it twice. That is RESTRAINT, folks.)

ox. Liz

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