Happy Day.

Dress: co/SammyDress
Cardigan: Mom’s
Sandals: Old Navy $12

You guys, can you believe… I am in town with S (finally!) and took these outfit pics of her before we stripped off our dresses and laid by the pool, side-by-side, with Diet Dr. Pepper in hand. What a dream!

We have so much sister time planned the next few days, our hearts might just explode. Creating this blog together long distance has been such a great way to keep us connected, but there is just nothing like brainstorming DIY’s, planning how to accessorize outfits, and dreaming up recipes together whilst cuddling on the same couch or laying poolside. So, even though it’s only Thursday, today S wore this dress with sparkles on the top and leopard on the bottom next to the blue blue water to celebrate this blessed early weekend of sister time. I just can’t get mushy enough talking about it and could go on and on about the joy of it all day, except S won’t stop talking to me while I’m trying to write and also I need to apply some sunscreen.

Hope your day is happy, too!
ox. W 

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