Yep. It’s a Blogger’s Block Post.


Dress: co/SheInside
Jacket: Kohls $15
Shoes: Amazon.com $18
Watch: Rue21 Gift





Oh, blogger’s block. You come along at the most inopportune times.
Today I have a perfectly post-worthy outfit that should be inspiring me like crazy to reference things like Saved By the Bell or Full House since I am rocking a denim jacket and white oxfords, thereby enabling me to create post magic easily, but there is nothing, NOTHING there. And, even if that didn’t work out, it seems as though I should be able to put something together by discussing my old standby’s of American Idol, the weather, or how this particular day of the week is sometimes the worst, but no, blogger’s block is, you know, blocking everything.
However, while blogger’s block has got me down today, tomorrow is a new day, a new outfit, and also, W will be writing that one so I won’t really care. So take that, blogger’s block! You scoundrel! You can’t get us down! And even if you are really ticking me off, thankfully, we have now arrived to the part of the post where we mention that a Diet Coke will fix everything, so I think you know where you can find me. Like I said, take that blogger’s block!
Now, bloggers. Help. What do you do to keep the blogger’s block away? A cupcake a day? Or is there something else I should be doing? Give it up.


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