Seven Summer Questions

Top: c/o SammyDress
Jeans: c/o SheInside
Shoes: ROSS 14.99
Belt: Kohls 1.99

Today it was summery outside so I wore the heck out of some of my summeriest clothes. Then, while wearing those clothes I got to thinking about summery things. Then, all of the summer thinking led me to remember that something I like most about writing this blog is shamelessly taking advantage of you, our readers. You see, sometimes I have questions about the world and I don’t know who to turn to, so sometimes I present you with said questions and your answers please and help me and I am very glad after I ask. Sometimes blogging is just dirt cheap therapy. That’s the truth. 
So, today, I am asking. Let’s talk summer. I want in to the treasure trove of knowledge that is you, our readers, by asking you the following summer related style/beauty questions that I bet we all want to know the answers to. Pencils ready? Here they are: 
1. What is your fave sunless tanner? (My stipulations for a good sunless tanner include affordability and good/no smell.)
2. What is your fave light foundation or BB cream or tinted moisturizer for summer?
3. What is your favorite summer nail polish. I want color and brand. 
4. Have you perfected styling long shorts? Do you have any tips for making them look cool and not matronly? Where do you get your modest shorts?
5. What is your fave sunglasses style/shape right now? (Wayfarer, aviator, etc.)
6. What are the comfiest brand of sandal you have ever worn? 
7. What is your go-to shop for affordable/adorbs/modest swimsuits? 
Answer all of them. Answer a couple. Or just feel free to leave a comment telling me how much you like my flower pants (VALIDATION. Remember that “dirt cheap therapy” comment?). Either way, I want to see your face in the comments.Talk to me. 
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