My Arch Enemy.

Top: c/o SheInside
Skirt: Target 9.00
Shoes: c/o SammyDress
Well hello there, day after the three-day-weekend, my arch enemy. We meet again. You’ve got a lot of guts showing up here when you know how I feel about you. 
However, as bad as you are, I’m not gonna do what I usually do, and tell you what a jerk you are for coming in here with your alarm clocks and responsibilities after three days of fun. Instead, I’m going to just ignore you by wearing two really bright colors together to distract myself from your existence. Incidentally, these colors also happen to be the same colors as a certain shave ice combo I like to order at a stand I frequent near my house. So, I’ll probably visit there today all the while not thinking about how stupid you are for ending a holiday weekend so abruptly, and, if one doesn’t cut it I’ll just get another. And I might add ice cream to that one because of you being the worst and everything.
So, ya, day after the three-day-weekend, go ahead and happen. I’ve got my colors, and my shave ice stand, and maybe the scoop of ice cream in the second shave ice, and I can take you. Bring it on. See if I care. 
(Ok. I care. I REALLY care. Go away. Give me my weekend back. I beg of you. No, really, I’ll do anything. ANYTHING. I’ll even GIVE UP the shave ice for good. I won’t even look at a Snowie hut. Just Come. Back. Memorial. Daaaaaay.)
So…how was your weekend?
ox. W 

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