THE Shoes.

Blouse: co/SheInside
Jacket: Ross $10
Jeans: Walmart $16
Wedges: Aldo $60
Watch: Target $15

You guys, when I added the pics and outfit details to today’s post, I felt the immediate need to explain myself for having a pair of $60 Aldo shoes that I actually paid for. I mean… it is kind of against everything this blog stands for to purchase a pair of shoes for more than $20, and I feel like I betrayed you. So, I will now explain myself so you don’t think I have moved on from being thrifty, or cheap, or poor, or anything like that. Yep. Still cheap. Still using Wet ‘n Wild for the majority of my cosmetic needs. 
So here’s the story. I had been on the hunt for a pair of leather (or pleather… you know we aren’t too good for the fake stuff) brown wedges for years. Like 3+ years. And although most of the time I can find a frugal replacement for the perfect Aldo wedges that were my inspiration, this time I had no such luck. They all had 4-5 inch wedges (too high), were made of suede (I wanted the leather look), or were just ugly (I try to avoid ugly).
So I had a convo with myself that went like this:
Me (Devil): You have been looking for shoes like these for 3+ years. Get the expensive ones already. Just save some money and stop whining about it. 
Me (Angel): But $60 for a pair of shoes!!!!!!!!!!
Me (Devil): They will be an investment piece. They will be in style for a long time, and you will get your money’s worth. Don’t be a baby. 
Me (Angel): But $60 for a pair of shoes!!!!!!!!!!
Me (Devil): Yep. Suck it up. 
Me (Angel): Ok.
EPIC, right? Ok, not really, but I bought them. And I love them. Comfy. REAL leather. Perfect wedge height. High quality. Will last me a long time. Will be in style for a long time. 
Am I STILL experiencing buyers remorse and trying to justify the purchase? Yes. Am I going to ask for your validation of this purchase in the comments. YES.  But also, there is a moral. Sometimes you gotta invest in your clothes/shoes to help take your wardrobe to the next level. Sometimes. And yes, you may use that quote to put in vinyl over your bed. Inspired. 
Hope you don’t feel betrayed, that we can still be friends, and that you will tell me so in the comments. Much appreciated. 
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