The Painted Necklace.

 Sweater: co/SheInside
Shirt: ROSS $16
Pants: Walmart $12
Flats: Payless $16
Necklace: Tai Pan $5, spray painted black

Today when I was planning my outfit, I needed a black necklace. Which I didn’t have. Can you believe? Seems like a staple in a girl’s wardrobe. But luckily, the lack of certain accessories leads to resourcefulness. Remember W’s post earlier in the week? Hand-painted mint heels? This sort of craziness and/or genius runs in the fam. So I looked at my necklace collection, picked one that I never wear (pink and purple, purchased in high school), sprayed it black and BAM. Black necklace.

I have come to firmly believe that you can create nearly anything you want out of your wardrobe as long as you have some form of paint and a glue gun. Got a boring cardi, that you want to spruce up? Glue gun some ruffles to it. Got a black belt that you love but wish it were gold? Spray paint that sucker. Sure, some people might say that you could just go to the store and buy these things, but isn’t it funner to take the chance of almost ruining all of your clothes/accessories by being too cheap to buy what you want? I thought you might agree. (Don’t worry if you don’t agree. That probably means your brain is functioning properly. Lucky.)

So tell us, what tools are in your style DIY arsenal?

PS. If you were thinking of being an overachiever and saying something like “a sewing machine” you cannot play. Sewing machines are hard.

xo, S

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