Pep Talk.

 Sweater: c.o Oasap
Blouse: TJ Maxx 8.99
Pants: Kohls: 9.99
Shoes: UrbanOG 29.00
It’s Monday. These are tough sometimes. Therefore I shall now give you a pep-talk to help you through it. I will start with a parable.
Yesterday was gorg here. In the high 50’s, mostly sunny, just lovely. In the evening we decided we should go out and enjoy it. We packed up the babe in his stroller, put on our walking shoes, and headed out into the wild blue yonder. After walking a little ways, I thought I felt a tiny rain drop on my arm, but we pressed on. Then I definitely felt some drops, but in the distance it was sunny so we didn’t let it deter our stroll. Then, out of nowhere the heavens busted open and we were suddenly getting OWNED by that rainstorm. It was pouring. I started to wonder if I was gonna have to dig a trench and hunker down. And yet, while we were caught in the deluge, the sun was still off in the distance just shining away. 
I will now give you the moral of this parable. The rainstorm is like Monday. It drenches you. It weighs you down. Nobody wants to get caught up it one. The sun shining on the horizon is like the Diet Coke, chocolate, phone call to your sister, even bigger Diet Coke, or really bright floral sweater that you turn to to get help you through it. You can do this. Just find your sunshine and show that rainstorm who’s boss.
You have how been sufficiently pep-talked, and really, if that inspired tale didn’t get you revved up to handle this day, I don’t know what the heck will. 
Or just call in sick. Mondays are the worst. 
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