While W’s Away…

W is spending most of this week spring-breaking in NYC. What a total brat, huh? Well, since she’s long gone and I am the captain of this ship for a couple of days, that means it is pretty much S week on this blog, and I can say whatever the heck I want about W. So here goes. FINALLY I get to get some issues I have with her out in the open for the whole wide world to hear. I’m really gonna let it fly. Clear the air. Get the skeletons out of the closet. Break the ice. Get things off my chest. Spill the beans. Shed some light on the subject. Ready? Ok, so…W…well, for one thing she really sucks at returning text messages. For reals. She is the worst at it. BAM.

Ok, that wasn’t good at all. We get along. And I hope she is having fun (well, sorta).

But, speaking of W, back in the fall when I flew to Pennsylvania to visit her at her new home in State College I bought myself this puffy vest, not out of need, not even out of want. I saw it on the rack and bought it for no reason other than that I liked the leopard print on the inside and I really loved the price. Little did I know that this simple garment would become such a staple in my wardrobe. Get yourself a puffy (well not too puffy) vest! You don’t know what you’ve been missing.

 Shirt: Gift
Vest: $12.49 TJ Maxx
 Jeans: $15 Rue21
 Boots: Gift

What is your wardrobe staple? Something you would die without? Something that is a go-to on any day of the week? Share! We love sharing.

Also, let me introduce you to the puppies, Poppy and Frankie, my cute niece and nephew. 

Happy Monday!

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