The Skirt Success Story.

jacket: co/OASAP
necklace: co/StyleLately
shirt: Walmart $5
skirt: DIY (Find the tutorial here)

This one time W and I decided we were going to start making more of our clothes. Pinterest had given us delusions that sure, we could make perfectly tailored skirts and dresses without knowing how to sew beyond the PJ pants we made in 7th grade Home Ec., and it’s freaking easy! 
But guess what. It wasn’t. Ya, everything was fine and dandy when we cut out the patterns, and maybe we got a little stumped when it came to making darts, but that was nothing a little trip to YouTube couldn’t fix. But people, have you ever tried to make a sleeve??? IT IS THE HARDEST THING IN THE WORLD. In the midst of trying to construct those suckers correctly, I am sure I experienced feelings similar to what med students must feel come “Learn How to do Surgery” class day. Horror. Pressure. Mismatched pieces. 
Pinterest, sometimes you lie to me, but I can’t quit you because, like Rhianna says, I love the way you lie. So ya, we dropped our dreams of making anything that didn’t require only sewing a straight line or using a glue gun, and we buy our sleeves at the store now because we aren’t scientists. 
I tell you this tale to add emphasis to the success that is the skirt I wore today, because I made it, and it’s comfy, and flowy, and I didn’t almost throw my sewing machine out the window whilst making it. Victory is cute. 
Can you relate, dear friends? Have you ever felt the urge to beat your sewing machine (or Pinterest screen) with a baseball bat? Go ahead, vent. We’re here to listen.

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