Neon Week.

pants: h&m $20
bracelets: h&m $5
 flats: Payless $16

Yep, you guessed it. I’m hoppin’ on the coat tails of last week’s Pink Pants Week and riding them into what I now declare to be Neon Week! (Listen, it’s not easy coming up with post material day after day. If there is even the tiniest semblance of a theme developing, I will TAKE IT. So, please, bear with another “themed” week. K? Loves.) I mean after yesterday’s DIY Neon-Trimmed Purse, and today’s outfit, Neon Week feels right. Right?

Plus, just look at me. Could this outfit be any brighter? Even without the brightest sun shining on it, like in a deep, dark dungeon, you could see me. And if you aren’t living in San Diego, then, like me, you could use a little neon brightness in your life since Spring is NEVER GONNA HAPPEN. So, thank you neon. You are bright. You are fun. I like to wear you.

Now we gotta know, what are you guys thinking of the neon everywhere trend? Yes, you love? Or no, it gives you to many Saved By the Bell feelings? Let’s hear it!

And of course, happiest of Neon Weeks to you and yours.
xo, S

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