The Puppy Blouse.

Remember when we wore ducks?
Or horses?

Well, today I am making little tiny puppies business casual, I’ve got on leopard print shoes, and I have it on good authority that someone will be wearing a fox face on this blog real soon.

However, you know what animal you WON’T find on my blouse in the future? A groundhog. Because he burrows in a hole of LIES. I see no sign of the early spring he predicted around these parts, and I heard a rumor it was snowing in Arizona yesterday! That’s supposed to be the hot hot DESERT! Thanks for nothin, Punxsutawney.

As for the surplus of other animals we have been wearing, I suppose we have felt a kind of obligation to put animals on our clothes since we are trudging along through the DEAD DEAD DEADEST of winter and haven’t seen a single solitary animal in what feels like YEARS. So we wear them. To remember their existence. To cheer them on and encourage them to come out of hibernation. Come out, I say! Frolic! Chirp! Do other animal things! Let’s get this spring rebirth stuff moving, bunnies!

So, ya. I wore this and there were animal prints involved. Also, it’s really cold:

Blouse: c/o SheInside
Blazer: Kohls 23.00 
Jeans: Target 12.99
Shoes: Sheikh Shoes 19.99
Necklace: Charlotte Russe 8.00

What the heck are YOU doing to keep yourself from going mental in this dog-gone winter?
(Get it? Dog-gone? There are dogs on my shirt? Ugh. Forget it. I just want to know how you don’t get sad in the winter. Can you help? The end.)

ox. W
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