As you may have noticed, I am wearing a fox on my sweatshirt today. This is one of the quirkiest pieces of clothing I own. Nevertheless, I like it. Plus, when my hunky photographer husband saw it, he said we had to take the outfit pics in the woods, because that is where the foxes live. Duh. Obviously, I couldn’t deny the logic, so we got in the car, and traveled to the woods. Just me, the fox sweatshirt, my husband, and baby R, to capture the fox in its natural habitat.

In some ways it all just makes sense. In some ways my life is really weird. This is the place where someone who says “It’s allll good” would say, ya know, that. Because it is. Quirky sweatshirt, quirky husband, it’s good. All of it.
Sweatshirt: c/o SheInside
Blouse: Thrifted 3.00
Jeans: F21 9.00
Flats: Target: 4.49
ox. W
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