Happy Legs.

 Vest: $12.99 TJ Maxx | Leggings: $9.99 TJ Maxx | Boots: $32.90 UrbanOG.com

Remember W’s woeful rant about the sweater leggings we found at TJMaxx for $10, and then, after we purchased them, we found them here for $5? Well, today I am wearing the culprits. Although, I’m not quite as woeful as W, since these little wintry cuties make me happy, and I suppose that is worth an extra $5.

Also, wearing boots over leggings means there is no chance of having wet pant bottoms in this wintry weather, and wet pant bottoms happen to be the BANE OF MY EXISTENCE. When I have them, I literally get the impulse to scream, rip my pants off, and hurl them at someone. For reals. But that’s a diatribe for another day. Today is about happiness and happy legs.

In conclusion, I hope your legs are happy today! Or your arms, or your face…whatever makes you, ya know, happy.


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  • AllisonDecember 3, 2012 - 3:58 pm

    I love TJ Maxx and those leggings. I don't know if I'm brave enough to try them!ReplyCancel