The Duck Sweater.

Sweater: co/Oasap | Boots: $32.90 UrbanOG | Beanie: $3.50 Forever21

Today my sweater has ducks on it. Yellow ones. When I saw it I sorta thought, “That sweater has ducks on it, that’s wild. Guess I won’t be wearing that.” Then I thought, “Hold on here. If I can’t wear a sweater with ducks on it today, while I’m young and vibrant and free, then when CAN I wear it?” Yes, it was quite the stirring speech I delivered to my empty living room, and I was so inspired that I ordered the duck sweater and I love it. 

In related news, W confessed to me yesterday a new-found obsession that her (the master’s student and mother) and her husband (the PhD student and father) both have with One Direction, the British boy-band created specifically to make 16 year old girls cry. They own BOTH 1D cd’s. They know every word. They love them. Upon hearing this news, I decided that my duck sweater seemed tame. Even normal. Plus, as One Direction says, “We gotta live while we’re young.” (Ok, maybe I listened to a 1D song after W confessed her affections. Their stuff is catchy. Judge me.) 
So, I say, long live the duck sweater, One Direction, and whatever else we gotta do to stay young. YOLO, ya know? (YOLO is still cool, right? Forget it. I’m getting old. I don’t know these things.)
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